South African Hunting Safaris

Ivy Safaris has partnered with Mumembe Safaris to offer a wider range of species to add to any African hunt.
OTHER THAN HUNTING, we offer a wide range of activities and facilities for the whole family!
Our Packages offer you a choice of not to be missed deals, ideal for a family hunting experience with Ivy Safaris!
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Important Notes

Biltong Recipe:

Look at this attachment for a tasty biltong recipe!!


Somebody once asked me what my hobby was, this is a tough question as I have many a hobby. Fairly unusual hobbies, all the way from collecting (& drinking) whisky to reloading ammo. Both of these and possibly some of the others got a lengthy discussion going. So why would I reload my own ammo? Simply answered:

I started reloading very young and it was thanks to my older brothers who taught me when I was barely double figures in age.

I love to discuss the various aspects of reloading and of course the benefits to my hunting, bullet penetration, weight retention etc. We as hunters are not in it to wound our animals so we prefer clean kills. The ultimate for any hunter is to get his/her animal down so that it would have died with the least stress and of course, less stress means better quality venison.

Reloading allows me to cope wiith the stresses and strains of the world and escape into a familiar and special place!!

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Poaching continues to be a huge problem for all Game Farmers. Those with rhinos are obviously the hardest hit but we also have weekly incidents. It is a growing concern that many farmers are finding impossible to deal with and are therefore closing shop. It takes up a great deal of our time and effort to stay ahead by re-fixing fences that have been cut, filling holes, doing patrols and removing snares.